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About me

My name is Dr Michelle Ruger and I am a Chartered Psychologist (BPS) offering therapy to individuals, couples, children and families. I have experience working with a wide range of difficulties including stress, anxiety, depression, addiction,  bereavement, eating disorders, weightm mnagement, relationship problems, personality disorders, burn out, PTSD and many more mental health issues.

How I work

In my view, the success of any therapeutic work is largely dependent upon the quality of the therapeutic relationship. With this in mind, my approach is always aimed at facilitating a genuine, honest and real engagement with my clients founded upon trust, care, compassion and openness, that allows for exploration of personal and sensitive issues within a safe, kind and confidential therapeutic space.

My qualifications and training

I am trained to Doctoral level in a variety of therapeutic models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) including Mindfulness based models, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, The Person Centred Model, Existential Therapy and Gestalt. This training has supported me in my aim to offer a service that will meet your individual needs, whether it is longer or short term therapy that you may be seeking or respond best to.

Academic qualifications include:

  • Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology gained from the University of Surrey (PsychD)
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology gained from the University of Southampton
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology gained from the University of Chester

My experience

I have combined my Doctoral level of understanding of these models with rigorous past and ongoing experience both in the NHS and private sector. In the NHS I have worked with many aspects of human distress including anxiety, depression, bereavement, existential crisis and addiction. However, I have also been fortunate to develop  further specialist knowledge and experience in depression, eating disorders, personality disorders and chronic health conditions. My extensive work experience has supported me to work with you in a way that suits your individual needs and difficulties. 

How can therapy help?

There are many reasons why someone might benefit from therapy. It can enable people to understand and gain insight into their relationship patterns and difficulties, improve self esteem, find motivation to change challenging and entrenched habits and generally support one to discover a sense of meaning, passion and purpose in their lives, helping them to take stock of their current predicaments and move towards a more fulfilling life.